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Not a Digital Twin of RENTAGA, but a Real Twin Sister company in South-America!

When Rentaga was launched in 2020 in the Benelux, the four founders were convinced that it would be the first company starting this business idea in the construction market, an old fashioned segment of the market, one of the last industries not having embraced and implemented the digital revolution!

This year, one of the founders of Rentaga received in September a nice LinkedIn message form Jan Rush, cofounder of “ARRIENDA-TU-MAQUINA” inviting the two management teams to have an introduction meeting. Big was our surprise when we discovered our Real Twin, in these times where digital twins are a hype in our industry! ArriendaTuMaquina is just like Rentaga a B2B market place to rent online any machine, at any time, from anywhere!

The meeting and open discussion unveiled pretty quickly that our two companies had the same go-to-market policy, targeting the same customer industry, faced totally similar challenges and worked out pretty identical work arounds, trying to attract valuable investors to help boosting the business potential in the region.

The perfect match between these two Siamese Twins was a fact and since that day, the management of both companies have decided to cooperate through a monthly relaxed but professional management meeting to evaluate some important business experiences and explore all the potential solutions to progress together!

Our common company bio:

  • Having the same start-up idea, at the same time (2020) but in different parts of the world
  • Start-up founded by senior market players with long market experience
  • Facing the same customer adoption problems in a non-digitalized market
  • Elaborating same work arounds for those industry challenges
  • Crossing each other’s path and collaborating immediately on synergies for the future
  • Willing to digitalize the least digital business sector in the world
  • Experience first mover customer traction in 2021
  • Opening up for investment round for scaling up business in 2022

Both ArriendaTuMaquina and Rentaga will organise regularly webinars in the future to share this valuable market experience of the construction market and invite all important market stakeholders to discover the customer experience benefits of a marketplace for renting construction machines.