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Waste container

How much costs the rent of a Waste Container in 2021?

In 2021 the price to rent a Waste Container in the Benelux will typically be depending of the type of waste you want to recycle. Recycling costs are linked to local waste recycling policies and vary between +/- 1 € per kg (Waste oil containing material) to 190 € per ton (Construction wood). 

In the pricing you need to add the costs of delivery and pick up of the Waste Container which will vary between 35€ and 100€ depending of the size of the Waste Container. Typically, a Waste Container will be made available for a certain period between 2 and 4 weeks where additional weeks can be rent at a rate of 10€ per week.

Contact Rentaga Machine Rentals to get a non-binding offer with tailor-made solution for your exact Waste Container needs. Rentaga specializes in advice concerning sorting of construction site waste, ensuring the best possible sorting of waste with high degree of recycling & reducing the total expense. In this way, proper sorting of the waste ensures both environmental and economic benefits.

What is a Waste Container ?

An open Waste Container (called skip in the US) is generally a large size open-topped metal bin designed for containing rough construction debris and being loaded onto a special type of truck.

The Waste Container has a distinctive shape: trapezoid or totally square! The square open-topped box form Waste Container has often one or two doors at one side. There is also a hook at the other side of the doors permitting the heavy container to be lifted onto and off a truck.

One end of the Waste Container sometimes has a large door that hinges down allowing manual loading or unloading. A Waste Container is usually durable and tough, made to withstand rough use by construction or demolition crews. The size of a waste container can vary, with sizes ranging from small 2-meter mini-container to the very large 40 cubic meter roll-on/roll-off skips. These large containers can store many tonnes of waste, but most trucks are limited to carrying around 8 tonnes (8,000 kg) of waste per container.

Which size and type of Waste Container do I need to rent ?

​ At Rentaga you will find in the Modules Cabins and Containers category many different types of Waste Containers where the Open Maxi Waste Container is being the most rented one.

An open Waste container is suited for all types of construction site waste. There is a wide variety of optional extras. Filling from above or via rear doors, from the back of the container is possible and might be defined by your worksite conditions. Containers are available in different sizes  12 - 18 - 30 m3.

Dimensions and sizes

Model 12 m3

​Width 2,300 mm, length 5,000 mm, height 1,000 mm

​Bottom thickness: 4 mm, tailgate: Rear doors

​​Model 18 m3

​Width 2,300 mm, length 6,000 mm, height 1,250 mm

​Bottom thickness: 4 mm, tailgate: Rear doors

​​Model 30 m3

​Width 2,300 mm, length 6,000 mm, height 2,250 mm

​Bottom thickness: 4 mm, tailgate: Rear doors

Can Waste containers be ordered by private customers or B2C ?

People who carry out private small home improvement projects often use a construction Waste Container to collect and store all the construction waste, packing and general garbage generated by the transformation works.

The Waste Container is better than small waste bins, which should be used for small amounts of household waste. An open Waste Container should provide the easiest method for residents to manage their construction waste and keep the neighbourhood safe and clean.

Any individual who does not deal responsibly and correctly with the construction waste, may be caught, and fined heavily according to the local regulations. It is essential that residents observe the local regulations about construction waste disposal so that their urban construction waste management can be successful, and their city's environmental sanitation can be ensured.

Container capacities range from 8 to 20 m³ and each type of container has a different transport price. Load height must never exceed the height of sidewalls, installation of additional extensions is not allowed. Each load must be prepared so it can be transported safely, and each container only filled to the allocated depth.

If you’re in need of a construction Waste Container to safely stock construction garbage, you can easily rent durable construction waste containers from Rentaga Machine Rentals.

Why pre-sorting waste onsite ?

The costs of Recycling Waste Materials varies highly depending of the type of material to recycle. Sorting this waste onsite will significantly reduce the total cost of waste handling.

Sorted waste will be immediately directed to the appropriate recycling company and reduce transport costs also. Identification of waste loads from construction and demolition sites to the waste recycling facilities is made easier and is an important step to ensure materials are appropriately recycled.

Wood, debris, packing and other cleaning residual material can be easily sorted into a number of containers provided by Rentaga at the jobsite. Generally, the number of Waste Containers is kept as low as necessary both to keep container volumes high and to reduce transportation trips and costs, and to keep the jobsite clear of objects causing obstructions.

Facility management plans typically describe materials that can be accepted. Loads which contain materials that are not accepted may be turned away.

How does a Waste Container management contribute to the safety on your worksite ?

Maintaining a clean worksite is essential for site safety and protects you and your workers in the first place. A quick delivery and a prompt pickup will help site managers even more in keeping construction sites clear of debris efficiently. It avoids slowdowns due to debris which constantly obstruct work areas, and is essential for safety. Whether your company is building up a new project or tearing an old building down, you will need a Waste Container for your construction waste, to help you keeping the amount of old materials, debris or  packaging trash, in control.

What are the advantages of renting a Waste Container at Rentaga ?

Rentaga Machine Rentals offers rental of waste containers tailor-made for the building industry, construction and demolition sites. Rentaga offers a wide selection of container types such as mini container, rolling container or open maxi container and of all sizes.

At Rentaga you will as an entrepreneur benefit from our waste container management services which includes transport, delivery, pick up and recycling, all in one total solution, tailored to your needs.