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Module Cabin and Container

Rentaga Machine Rentals offers a wide range of modules to meet all your projects optimally: Living module, office container, kitchen, refectory, school, cloakroom, ...

A living module for rent is equipped with windows double glas windows and manual shutters. This container is particularly suitable for office use, for use as a dining hall, as a classroom in a school, as a cloakroom or even completely assembled modules (to create a complete school for example).

Rentaga offers different types and sizes of modules for office, mess hall or cloakroom containers. Their surface can thus vary between 6.56 m² and 31.3 m².

A module can be assembled with other modules (toilets or showers for example) to transform into schools, changing rooms, offices, etc. The modules can sometimes be superimposed, sometimes coupled with an interior corridor or an interior or exterior staircase.

Together with a module, Rentaga customers generally rent Power, Air and Light equipment for their worksite such as generators or tower lights.

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