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Rentaga - Garden Shredder

Garden Shredder

Why renting renting a tree chipper or shredder from Rentaga Machine Rentals? The maintenance of green spaces and the preparation of the grounds require suitable, high-performance equipment. In the Agriculture,Parcs and Garden equipment you will find a wide range of machines and tools for such tasks available for rent; Mulchers, chippers or shredders are probably one of the most important tools in this category.

What is a garden schredder ? A garden shredder, tree chipper or woodchipper is a machine used for reducing tree limbs or trunks into smaller woodchips. They are often portable, being mounted on wheels and sometimes on frames suitable for towing behind a car or van. Shredders come in all sizes, depending on the diameter of the wood that needs to be chipped. The power can be provided by a combustion engine or electrical motor from 3 horsepower (2.2 kW) to 1,000 horsepower (750 kW). There are also high power chipper models mounted on trucks and powered by a separate engine and a hydraulic crane to handle the large wood chunks.

Tree shredders or chippers are typically made of a hopper with a collar, the shredding mechanism itself, and an optional recipient or bin for collecting the chips. Tree limbs are sequentially inserted into the hopper (where the collar is serving as a mechanical safety mechanism to keep people’s arms, legs and other body parts away from the cutting blades) and pushed into the chipping mechanism. The chips exit through a side chute and can be directed into a container or onto the ground. The output of chips vary on the order of 1 inch (3 cm) to 2 inches (5 cm) in size depending on the size of the shredder. Wood chips have various practical uses such as being spread as a ground cover in plant beds, organic material for bio-gas or being fed into a digester during papermaking. Hence most of the garden shops offer today a variety of wood or bark chips for the decoration of gardens and parcs.

Most wood shredders or chippers rely on the kinetic energy stored in the heavy flywheel to do cut and shred the hard material. Some technical alternatives, using a drum to cut the limbs do exist and are today available especially for the smaller range of machines. The chipping blades are equally welded on the face of the flywheel, which is itself activated by an electric motor or internal combustion engine.

Large woodshredders are frequently equipped with grooved rollers in the channel of their feed funnels. When a branch has been gripped by the grooved rollers, the branch will be transported to the chipping blades at a steady rate. These rollers have a safety feature where they can switched to a reversible rotation for situations where branches get caught or stuck for whatever reason.

It is important to observe some main security rules when using wood shredders or wood chippers to avoid human or mechanical accidents and insure a continuous workflow:

  • Choose the right mulcher or woodchipper size

The size of the tree limbs you will shred will define the right size of the woodchipper you will rent from Rentaga Machine Rentals. Too large equipment will create unnecessary overhead costs: heavy transport, more energy to operate them,…etc for the same work ! Too small machines will often block during shredding phase. The cutting blades will not be able to shred that size of tree limbs, the motor will overheat and cause the safety system to block it’s operation which will require a full stop of the machine to unblock it. Unblocking will require opening the cutting mechanism and freeing the blades or the hopper from all accumulated material before starting. Security measures implement a full stop of the machine before switching to cleaning any rotating machine.


  • Wear protection equipment when operating a woodchipper

Feeding the shredder with tree limbs or wood should be done with precaution. Use the right working clothes, gloves and face protection equipment like visors and helmets when operating any outdoor Agriculture, Parcs and Garden equipment of Rentaga Machine Rentals. The operation of the wood chipper should ideally be done by one person at the time to avoid hitting other operators with the wood limbs. Filling the hopper needs to be done in a smooth regular sequence and with equal volumes. Overloading the hopper will avoid limbs reaching the shredder blades or drum and slow down the chipper activity. Avoid at any time to push wood or tree limbs with your hands as they might be caught by them and possibly tear them into the shredding mechanism with potential injuries for the operator. Always use another limb or wood stick to push any parts in the hopper area.

  • Read the operation manual of the machine before starting.

Please read the operation manual of any machine before operating it. You can find the operating instructions on the web online or on the website of Rentaga Machine Rentals. Reading the operation manual will save a lot of time, which the operator will not have to spend in discovering while working, which will shorten your rental time and overall costs.


Beside renting a Mulcher or Woodchipper, Rentaga Machine Rentals also provides rental equipment like Working at heights, Earth Moving Equipment, and Power air and light, etc. You can browse this rental equipment by going through our website and choose the rental equipment according to your needs and preferences.


Have a great green work day !