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Mustang AL 306
Wheel Loaders

Mustang AL 306 Wheel Loader For Rent
Mustang AL 306 Wheel Loaders
Hire Mustang AL 306 Wheel Loader
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Mustang AL 306 Wheel Loader Rental
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Mustang AL 306 Wheel Loader For Rent

Mustang AL306 Intelligent design and advanced engineering provide increased performance and handy, time saving features. An inching pedal allows an operator to vary the ground speed while maintaining a fixed engine speed. This allows for precise control of attachment performance. A hydraulicallyactuated differential lock on the axles of the 306, 406 and 506 transfer power to a slipping wheel to one hundred percent traction drive. The 106 offers a limited slip differential. Work hydraulics up to 57 L/min power a wide variety of attachments, increasing flexibility

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  • Tiltable steering column with center-mount instrumentation
  • Nitro-steel rods on the hydraulic cylinders
  • Excellent bucket breakout forces
  • High ground clearance
  • All models feature comfortable and easy-to-access
  • Multi-function joystick lever controls
  • 2-speed hydrostatic drive
  • Excellent reputation for smooth operation


Width 1.06 meter
Transport Width 1.065 meter
Bucket Width 1.2 meter
Turning Radius Outside 1.321 meter
Passage Height 2.25 meter
Transport Height 2.255 meter
Lifting Height 2.84 meter
Weight 2502 Kilogram
Transport Length 3.7 meter
Propulsion Diesel



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