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Wheel Loader | Earth Moving Equipment | Rentaga

Wheel Loader


How much does a wheel loader rent cost in 2021 ?

In 2021 the price to rent a wheel loader will typically and depending of it's size vary between 165 € per day for a 1000 litre to 650 € per day for a 4000L wheel loader. The pricing will of course be lower when the rent is for a week ( +/- 20% discount) and for 4 weeks minimum (+/- 40% discount)

 What is a Wheel Loader ?

At Rentaga you will find in the Earth Moving Equipment many different types of loaders among which the Wheel Loader takes the most important share. With many kinds of attachments, a wheel loader can become a multi-purpose machine capable of almost anything.

When visiting a construction site you will most probably see a wheel loader being used. A wheel loader is a very powerful and versatile piece of heavy equipment. Kind of giant mobile shovel, a wheel loader is used to shape the construction site before any other activity. Wheel loaders can, depending of their size lift almost anything going from rubble, gravel, soil, debris to dirt.

The term “ wheel loader ” refers to the translation method of the machine. A wheel loader is looking like a bulldozer, another Earth Moving Equipment popular machine, but has wheels instead of a track system. A standard bulldozer would have a flat blade for pushing material around, where a loader has a bucket to scoop, move and dump the material.

With wheels, a loader has a better manoeuvrability and wouldn’t damage asphalt or concrete roads. A wheel loader does not dig like a backhoe loader does, but operates only with the single attachment at the front of the machine.

Wheel loader, sometimes called front loader, has many other names like bucket loader, scoop loaders, …etc.

They come in many sizes which make them vital for any construction project. There is no project too big or too small for a wheel loader. Bigger and more powerful than a skid steer, they available in a variety of sizes for all different projects and industries. A wheel loader is a handy machine for every contractors, from landscaping or construction and even demolition.

Why rent a Wheel Loader ?

You will find at least one wheel loader on construction sites and excavation jobs. The large bucket is very handy for scooping and moving soil, dirt and rocks away from an excavation site and loading it into a truck or on a transportation belt. A wheel loader can also help to move material around the work site.

A wheel loader can also often be seen in agriculture and landscaping projects. Used to build roads, prepare a construction site or cleaning after a demolition project is completed.

A small and compact wheel loader is very popular for landscaping companies and contractors for moving materials. Choosing a wheel loader with a bucket size of 1000 litre is standard for these types of jobs. Different buckets or other attachments can always be installed on the wheel loader just like many other machines from the Earth Moving Equipment group.

A mid-sized wheel loader typically has a bucket which a range from 3000 – 5000 Litre and is popular for moving more different materials and heavier material types. These loaders belong to bigger construction sites.

The larger wheel loader buckets are bigger than 4500 Litre. These machines are popular for road & tunnel works, more heavy-duty projects and generally used to load gravel or soil trucks.

Which size of Wheel loader do I need to rent for my job ?

The nature or type of the job will define kind of wheel loader you need. There is a variety of smaller specialized equipment that are available. Choose the best piece of equipment for your job in order to keep your project running efficiently.

A wheel loader is a better choice when a skid steer is too small and where the digger on a backhoe is not needed. The worksite and what the wheel loader needs to do, helps you  define the size of wheel loader that you should use or rent. Pay also some attention to the right attachments which will be needed for the job.

Wheel loaders are rented based on their bucket size: how much material can the equipment bucket lift and move. Be realistic about what is needed and consider the size of the worksite which will give insight on the distances to drive.

The environmental regulations might dictate the type and size of your wheel loader too. Several rechargeable electric powered wheel loader types like the Schäffer 24e: World's first wheel loader with lithium-ion battery or the Volvo 25E compact wheel loader, are today available for worksites with a zero emission policy.