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Manitou MC18-4

MC18 allows you to accurately handle loads in all types of terrains. Thanks to its 31-cm ground clearance, the machine delivers excellent gradeability to access your crops. It has been built with an emphasis on visibility, compactness and stability to ensure safe operation.

Manitou MH 25

The MH 25 is a versatile forklift truck with unrivalled efficiency, regardless of the ground conditions. It comes equipped with 4-wheel drive and a generous ground clearance, so uneven terrain won't be a problem. Both compact and powerful, you can store and handle loads of up to 2.5 tonnes ...

Manitou M 30.4

The M 30-4 is the ideal forklift truck for extreme handling conditions. Quarries and the mining and timber industries are just some of the areas where this machine excels, providing excellent efficiency. Sturdy and robust, it comes equipped with 4-wheel drive and is designed for outstanding ...

Manitou M 50.4

The M 50-4 forklift truck is designed for activities which need to be performed on rough terrain or where obstacles are present. With 4-wheel drive, 36 cm ground clearance and a turning radius of 3.4 m, this machine offers excellent manoeuvrability regardless of the circumstances. And for even ...

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Rough Terrain Forklift