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Manitou vertical Mast lift

Vertical Mast Lift

How much does renting a Vertical Mast Lift cost in 2022 ?

In 2022 the price of a Vertical Mast Lift in the Benelux will typically be depending of the working height of the lift and somewhere between 80 € and 110 € per day. Week and month rentals will of course be offered at cheaper rates. In the pricing you need to add the costs of delivery and pick up of the Vertical Mast Lift which will vary between 35 € and 100 € depending of the distance to your Worksite.

In the Rentaga Machine Rentals platform you can ask SEND ME THIS PROPOSAL and get directly a non-binding offer with tailor-made solution for your exact Vertical Mast Lift needs. At Rentaga we specialize in advice concerning which type of machine you really need for your activity!

What is a Vertical Mast Lift ?

A Vertical Mast Lift is an electrical aerial work platform which is especially designed for indoor activities and to enhance access and productivity in very narrow workplaces.

The main arm of the platform is a construction of telescopic vertical elements with a basket at the top, sometimes equipped with a jib. Their lightweight makes it easy to manoeuvre them, to use and transport these platforms which grants you an excellent uptime. Once stowed these machines are very compact and easy to park in narrow places.

A Vertical Mast Lift is made for reaching most of the time a working height from 6m to 13m at a low cost.

Can a Vertical Mast Lift be ordered by private customers or B2C ?

People who carry out private small home improvement projects inside their house can easily rent and use a Vertical Mast Lift for jobs between 6m and 13m with very difficult access. Since these machines are easy to use and light compared to other types of aerial lifts, they don’t damage the floors inside the house.                     

What are the advantages of renting a Vertical Mast Lift at Rentaga ?

Rentaga Machine Rentals offers rental of Vertical Mast Lift tailor-made for the building, construction and maintenance industry. Rentaga offers a wide selection of Vertical Mast Lifts like Haulotte Star 10, Manitou 60 VJ, MANITOU 80 VJR, MANITOU 100 VJR, GENIE AWP 30 or MAGNI MJP 11.5


At Rentaga Machine Rentals you will as an entrepreneur benefit from our machine management services which includes insurance, transport, delivery and pick up , all in one total solution, tailored to your needs.