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Manitou 78 SEC

Manitou 78 SEC Scissor Lift

The 78 SEC electric scissor platform has a large lifting capacity (227 kg), with a working height of 7.79 m and a working area extension. This access platform provides the operator with a ...

Manitou 100 SEC

The 100 SEC electric scissor platform, with a capacity of 227 kg, is perfectly suited to crowded working areas. Passing through doors or the use of goods lifts or lifts becomes easy thanks to the foldable rails. Its double scissor technology with reinforced arms guarantees optimal stability ...

Manitou 120 SE

The Manitou 120 SE electric scissor platform can load up to 318 kg. Its working height of 11.50 m allows you to reach most heights within buildings. Its foldable rails facilitate access to crowded areas, passing through doors or transport via goods lifts and lifts.

Genie GS 4047 DC

Increase productivity in high rise spaces with the Genie® GS™-4047 slab scissor lift thanks to its ability to be driven at full height and designed for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces and narrow aisles. It have front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius, compact ...

Manitou 120 SC

The Manitou 120 SC access platform is a diesel-powered scissor platform which enables operators to work comfortably at a height of 11.96 m. Its capacity allows for 2 possible configurations: 4 people inside + 134 kg of material or 2 people outside + 294 kg of material. Its platform extension of ...

Genie GS 4390

The Genie GS4390 rough terrain scissor lift features four-wheel drive and positive traction control - giving it up to 50% gradeability when driving on slopes. This tough, construction-oriented machine is built to tackle the most rigorous jobsite conditions.

Genie GS 4069 DC

Equipped with a patented full-time oscillating axle automatically adjusts the axle position based on ground conditions, the Genie® GS™-4069 DC rough terrain slab scissor lift is excellent for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications with firm, ...

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