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Truck Mounted Lifts for Working at Heights - Rentaga

Truck Mounted Lifts

At Rentaga Machine Rentals, the leading aerial work platform marketplace, you will find Truck Mounted Lifts from many sizes and manufacturers. Obviously, Truck Mounted Lifts are mainly for outdoor jobs. Maintenance jobs at small buildings, installation jobs of light and security systems will be easily mastered with these type of Truck Mounted Lifts. Especially when the access to the working place is difficult due to uneven or rough terrain where classic machines can not be placed or moved, these machines are more than welcome. You don’t need a special driving license and can use your ordinary driving license that is valid for vehicles up to 3500 kg. People use this type of machine when they can finish the job in a day, e.g. cleaning glass or to install lighting or advertising panels in a city. Do always observe traffic rules when positioning a Truck Mounted Lifts on the public road and take the necessary security actions like using stabilisers, safety harness and keep a distance from high voltage power lines when lifting the platform. Check the different Truck Mounted Lifts like ISOLI PT 160, ISOLI PNT 205 or CMC PLA 2100 which you will easily rent at Rentaga Machine Rentals.